More Basics Plus – Vol 1
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More Basics Plus – Vol 1
An excellent follow up to Basics Plus for beginners and more advanced dancers. Teaches a variety of ways to execute the shag basics such as male and female turns, side passes, getting into and out of closed position, and belly rolls. Helps to make your dancing more fun!

Female Under Arm Turn Variations: Reach Step - Step Slide - Double Kick Back
Male under Arm Turn Variations: Reach Step - Kick Step Slide - Kick Back
Double Kick Back
Side Pass Variations - Male: Male Under Arm into Side Pass - Male under arm
with Hand Change - Kick Back with Hand Change
Side Pass Variations - Female: Reach - Double Kick Back
Getting to Close Position: Female Under Arm Turn - Double Female Under
Arm Turn - Male Turn - Kick Back - Reach Step
Exit From Closed: Break Away - Step Hold - Triple with Girl Behind - Turn Out -
Double Turn Out - Female Reach Step - Female Double
Kick Back
Closed to Closed: Kick Back - Female Turn - Double Female Turn

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More Basics Plus – Vol 1

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