More Basics Plus – Vol 2
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More Basics Plus – Vol 2
Variations of shag basics such as the pivot, whip, boogie walk, leans, and applejacks. These variations help make you a better dancer and your dancing more fun. For beginners and more advanced dancers. Excellent follow-up to Basics Plus.

Pivot Variations: Female Turn Into Pivot - Revolving Pivot - Left Arm
Up Pivot - Twist Pivot
Belly Roll Variations: Feet Forward - Traveling Belly Roll - Hand Position
Whip Variations: Female Revolving Whip - Inside Turn Out - Barrel Out
Lean Variations: Male Turn Lean - Female Turn Lean - Male Turn with
Step Kick - Female Turn with Step Drag - Closed
Position Breakaway Lean
Boogie Walk Variations: Male Turn with Step Kick - Female Turn - Step Drag
Closed Position Female Turn Out
Applejack Variations: Side from Basic - Side from Kick Back - Passing from
Basic - Passing from Kick Back

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More Basics Plus – Vol 2

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